Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ecohound Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Loving our Ecohound Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Our Ecohound Range Of Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags Offers Choice 

As of 2016 Scot-Petshop we have been manufacturing and selling our own brand planet friendly dog waste bags for 8 years.  We are constantly researching the newest technology in biodegradability of our dog bags at the same time as ensuring our doggie dirt bag quality is never compromised.  We stared with Epi technology and starch based biodegradable / compostable material in our bags and have now moved onto Oxo and now Exo technology.  The technology in our Exo biodegradable bags has also won a Green Apple Award, a recognition which rewards and promotes environmental best practice around the world.

We introduced our Ecohound range of environmentally friendly dog poo bags in 2015 to give our customers more choice when choosing the right bag for safely picking up their doggies waste.  We now offer large vest poop bags with tie handles, small vest bag rolls that can fit into any standard poop bag dispenser, standard poo bag roll and a large pantry roll.  This year we are also planning on introducing a further two to three ranges along with our own poo bag dispenser.

Our biggest seller from our new Ecohound range has been our small vest style bags on a roll.  These are great for small to medium sized dogs, the roll fits neatly into a poo bag dispenser or in your pocket.  They have tie handles to the top so once you've picked up your dogs deposit you can securely tie and and block out any nasty smells until you find a dog waste bin to safely dispose of your dog waste bag.

With all our poo bags remember to Bag it and Bin it, please do not throw away in our countryside and parks, hang on trees, throw into hedgerows or bury on the beach.  Help keep our country clean and beautiful and free of your dogs poop.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

NEW Poo Bags Direct Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Poo Bags Direct Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags On A Roll

Our Poo Bags Direct website and biodegradable dog waste bags on a roll launched last year, they have been so successful that we are already adding more types of bag to our range. Our Ecohound new vest bags on a roll in packs of 240 and Pantry pack of 300 are also due in shortly.

Please do try our new planet friendly bags, we have a current website offer of just £9.95 for 240 dog poo bags

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Springtime Fun with Your Dog

Springtime Fun with Your Dog

We're fast approaching that time of year when your dog, as well as you will benefit from lots of outdoor pursuits.  The warmer weather and the springtime colours will no doubt motivate you to to spend some quality time with your dog and to enjoy nature's marvels at the same time.  Whether it's a small mini-break you have in mind, or simply a trip to the seaside, Scot-Petshop can provide you with all that you need.

Snack/Treat Bags for Dogs
Bounding around in the fresh air can make a dog very hungry so what better way to have your canine friend's treats conveniently to hand than with this Hurtta Motivation Mini Treat Bag which has a draw string top for easy access and can also be used for sticky treats thanks to the wipe clean material.

Hurtta Outdoor Accessories for Dogs - Running Bag
Springtime can also mean the start of outdoor competitions or training and the Hurtta Motivation Sprint Bag is perfect for carrying all that you need in a professional capacity.  It even has the option to attach two bags together so that you have everything you need at your fingertips.  The easy zip fastenings and detachable treat bags make it totally convenient and there are separate fastening rings to enable you to attach additional items.

The Hurtta Motivation Folding Travel Bowl can be used wherever you are to keep your dog refreshed.  Whether you're out for a long drive, or your out in the wilderness somewhere, you are safe in the knowledge that your dog will have fresh food and water wherever you go.  This bowl is fully waterproof and the handy carabiner attachment will allow you to conveniently attach this to your bag or belt to make it space saving too.

Dog Collars for Outdoor Pursuits

Why not treat your dog to a comfortable collar specifically designed for outdoor pursuits.  This Ruffwear Top Rope Collar has an all metal Talon Buckle which keeps the V-Ring at the top of the collar to allow you to clip and unclip your dog from his/her leash with ease.  It also has a silicone tag silencer to prevent that irritating jingle of your dog's tag as he'she trots along.  All Ruffwear products are made from high quality products to ensure durability and long life.  They are all of superior design with many invaluable practical features.

Dog Leads for Running

For those of us that are a bit more energetic then why not opt for the Ruffwear Slackline Leash which is available in 4 vibrant colours and offers the convenience of either being waist worn, or hand-held so can be used for running or jogging with your dog.  It's fully adjustable with an adjustable padded handle for added comfort and convenience.  It also has a convenient accessory loop for small clip on items such as poo bags.

Outdoor Dog Toys/Indoor Dog Toys

The Ruffwear Hovercraft dog toy will provide hours of endless fun both indoors and outdoors.  What better game to play with your dog on a long sandy stretch of beach than 'fetch' with this lightweight disc which floats on water and is gentle on your dog's teeth and gums.  The smaller version is also suitable for indoor use and will provide invaluable exercise on a day when your dog is stuck indoors.  This is a great interactive toy for developing your bond with your canine friend.

Dog Clothing

Some Spring days can be a little on the chilly side so why not keep your dog cosy in this lightweight Pompeii Pullover.  The polo neck and removable hood provide added warmth when needed and your dog won't feel restricted by the lightweight fabric and it's fully adjustable to provide the perfect fit.  There'll be no need to persuade your dog to venture out in the cold with this on to keep them warm.

Dog ClothingThose pesky April showers can leave both you and your dog drenched if you're caught unawares so why not be prepared with this Ruffwear Sun Shower Waterproof Rain Jacket.  It's so lightweight and breathable that your dog won't even be aware that they have it on.  It's oversized shape means that your dog is well protected from any sudden showers and the removable hood ensures that their head and neck is also sheltered when needed.  It also has a reflective trim providing added safety when out in low-light conditions.

Outdoor Dog Beds/Waterproof Dog Beds

The Ruffwear MT. Bachelor Pad provides the perfect base camp for your dog when you're on your outdoor adventures together.  It's convenient to carry as it folds down into a portable bed roll and has a thermal base to insulate against the cold on those cooler nights, as well as having a waterproof base to protect from the dampness.  All in all, the perfect bed for your canine friend.

Dog Harnesses

The Ruffwear Approach Pack is the perfect accessory for your outdoor pursuits as it safely and conveniently allows your dog to carry his/her own essentials, leaving you a bit less laden!  As with all Ruffwear products, there are an abundance of practical features which will go a long way to making your life a whole lot easier, such as the padded assistance handle to enable you to assist your dog over difficult obstacles, or the stash pockets, external gear loops and the coated zippers.  The stable design cleverly distributes the load across your dog's back without putting all the pressure in one area.

Please visit our website for full details of these products,or to view the wide range of other products we have on offer, www.scot-petshop.com.  We cater for everyone's needs so you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.  

Nina Ottosson Toys

Nina Ottosson Toys:

It is a vital part of your dog's daily routine that they have ample mental stimulation in order to prevent them from becoming bored and frustrated.  Boredom and Frustration can typically lead to behavioural issues, such as chewing and barking.  In our busy lifestyles these days it can sometimes feel impossible to incorporate this into our day.  The easiest way to do this would be by using strategy games and interactive toys.  These can keep your dogs occupied for hours on end and can be used both indoors, as well as outdoors.

There are a wide variety of these toys available on the market, but Nina Ottosson toys are renowned for their quality and superior design.  They are available in both plastic and wooden format and are robust and long lasting.  They come in various difficulty levels, and most of the games have the capacity to adjust the difficulty rating as your dog becomes familiar with the strategy required.  It won't be long before your dog figures out how to get to the hidden treats and the unpredictability of the game will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Each design has a unique mechanism that encourages your dog to use mental, as well as physical dexterity to figure out the correct strategy.  Some of these games are also suitable for cats too.  These games are also ideal for strengthening the bond with your pet, and encouraging some interactive play.    Every dog is different and therefore you will find that their motivations are very different.  However, eating is usually a common motivation for all animals, and hence these games being designed with treats as a reward.

Nina Ottosson Dog Smart - Level 1 Difficulty Rating:

This game is suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages, as well as for cats.  It's a level 1 difficulty rating and your pet will soon figure out that they need to nudge the pieces with their paw or their nose to reveal the treats hidden beneath.  If you want to make it even easier for your pet then you can tie a piece of string through the hole in the pieces to make it even easier to dislodge the pieces.

Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Finder - Level 2 Difficulty Rating:

This is a great game as the level 2 difficulty rating makes it more challenging for your dog.  This game has lots of scope for increasing the difficulty level and for challenging your dog that bit more. It's also a great game for teaching your dog commands such as 'wait' and 'go ahead' or 'back off'.  The dog will only lift the block at the end of each track so they will need to use a great deal of concentration and energy to work it out for themselves.

Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Twister - Level 3 Difficulty Rating:

The wooden dog twister has a level 3 difficulty rating and your dog needs to figure out how to move all the discs in a circular motion, in different directions to be able to get at the treats concealed beneath.  You can make it a bit easier for your dog to begin with by locking some of the discs by using the wooden pegs.  Once they are a bit more proficient at what they're doing, you can remove the pegs to make it a bit trickier.

Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Brick - Level 2-3 Difficulty Rating:

With the plastic dog brick game, your dog needs to figure out how to slide the discs to reveal the treats beneath.  You can increase the difficulty level by placing the white plastic bricks between the sliders, or you can make it a bit easier by tying a string through the hole on the sliders to make it easier for them to pull the sliders aside.

As we said before, there are a variety of strategy/interactive games available and Scot-Petshop stocks a wide range to suit dogs of all ages and sizes, as well as cats.  Please visit our site, www.scot-petshop.com to see the full range, but here are a few other examples of what we have to offer:

We also stock a vast selection of everything you need for your pet, whether it be dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles or even wild animals so make sure you visit our site to benefit from convenience and good quality at very competitive prices, www.scot-petshop.com!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Semi-circular Bird Feeder with Silo

It's so important to feed the birds filling and nutritious food during the winter months as so many birds wouldn't survive the winter without it. The human population has taken over a huge proportion f the countryside over recent decades, therefore by feeding some of the bird population, we have found an excellent way to try to re-dress the balance.  Best of all, what better way to be able to marvel at nature in your own garden.

Make sure that you feed the birds safely and responsibly:
Ensure that you place your feeder out of harms way for the birds, ie: where cats can't easily get to them!
Make sure that you provide the birds with the right type of food.  The better mixtures contain lots of flaked maize, sunflower seeds and peanut granules.  Fat balls and fat based food bars are excellent winter food for birds or why not treat your feathered friends to some live food such as mealworm which is relished by most of the bird population.
Always remember to remove any mouldy or stale food from your bird feeder, as some mould can cause respiratory infections in birds.
Remember that large quantities of food sprinkled on the ground can attract rats and mice.

There are many types of bird feeding devices from simple mesh feeders to ornate bird tables.  

Please visit our website to view an extensive range of choices.

Benefits and Features of The Semi-circular Bird Feeder with Silo:

Silo keeps food clean and dry
For wall mounting
Glazed Pine
With roof overhang
With mineral surface roofing felt
Removable lid for easy filling

This semi-circular feeder is wall-mountable and help keep the birds who visit your garden safe from harm and the large landing space and canopy will encourage them to return as they can feed in comfort.  It also has a removable lid making it extremely easy to fill. The weatherproof nature of this feeder will mean that it can continue to be a feature in your garden for years to come.

Measurements:      45 X 32 X 21cm

Natural Living Hanging Bird Feeder

Features and Benefits

This cute hanging bird feeder has all the practical features required to keep attracting the birds back into your garden.  It has a large landing space and the roof overhangs to give plenty of space for them to land and to feed.

                       Features and Benefits

                               This traditional bird table will make a lovely garden feature
                        Offering wild birds a large landing and feeding space                        Made from glazed pine and is durable and able to withstand
                        weather conditions. 


                    Features and Benefits
                          Create a lovely focal point within your garden. 
                    The mineral surface roofing felt provides good grip 
                    for the birds when landing and they will feel safe
                    and secure to feed out of view of predators.



                              Wall Mounted Cedarwood Bird Food Dispenser
Features and Benefits

This practical and functional wall mounted dispenser is easy to fill and will keep food clean and dry.  It's also weatherproof and has a high resistance to damage caused by weather and pests.

Scot-Petshop stocks a vast range of products covering mice and hamsters to reptiles. Please visit our website to see what we have on offer, www.scot-peshop.com

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Many Benefits of Using Dog Poop Bags


It is estimated that 31% of households in the UK have a dog and an estimated £21 million is spent by councils annually cleaning up dog poop. Dog Poop is not only costly in a financial sense but it is also costly to the environment, not to mention to human health and well being. Man’s best friend comes with many responsibilities, one of which is managing your pet’s waste.

Dog Poop – The Facts
Irresponsible dog owners failing to clean up their dog poop continues to be the issue with the highest number of complaints to local authorities and some councils have actually employed private detectives to try to reduce the problem. Most local councils issue on the spot fines to dog owners who are caught failing to remove their dog’s poop from a public place, and there really is no excuse these days with the many receptacles that councils have situated along public paths and in parks and other public areas. Some local councils are going to great lengths to try to shame the public into using dog poop bags. Check out this link to a Metro article about volunteers spraying pink dye on dog poop to make it more visible: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/187381-council-turns-dog-poo-pink

The minority are at risk of spoiling the joy of walking our dogs in public places, as many bans have been initiated due to the nuisance that dog poop causes. Therefore, local councils have felt the need to act. Many beaches have had to close due to dog poop causing not only a nuisance, but being dangerous and harmful to the ecosystem. What most dog owners don’t realise is that dog poop left on the beach will be washed away by the tide, but it ultimately causes a chemical imbalance which kills fish and encourages algae growth. Authorities have had to act by declaring the beaches unsafe due to the increased levels of bacteria found in the water and it may take many years before the beach is safe once again. Many dog owners bag their dog’s excrement but then leave the bag on the beach and this is a huge problem at the moment. It should be discarded safely in the bins provided along the coast line as this can be more dangerous to health and the environment than not bagging it at all.

The Benefits of Dog Poop Bags

· Convenience – carrying a shovel or a spade around with you isn’t exactly convenient, but a few dog poop bags in your jacket pocket are, and most bags are textured now to make them easy to open..... Grab it, Bag it and Bin it!
· Cost effective – You can now purchase a variety of dog poop bags which are extremely cost effective, especially when purchased in bulk. Ordering online couldn’t be easier and they will be promptly delivered to your door with no hassle.
· Prevents the spread of illness and infection – Faecal matter is not sanitary and can carry a wide variety of diseases which can be passed to humans and other animals if it’s not disposed of safely, such as tapeworms and other parasites, as well as Ecoli.
· Good for the environment – Truly responsible dog owners are now using biodegradable dog poop bags which will decompose within a few months rather than the basic plastic bags which can take thousands of years to decompose, and also emit dangerous chemicals which are harmful to the ecosystem. The biodegradable bags are becoming increasingly popular as they are compostable, flushable and eco-friendly, as well as still being economical.
· Common courtesy – There is absolutely nothing worse than accidentally stepping in dog poop and it’s even more infuriating these days when you know that dog poop bags are so easily accessible to the dog owning public.
Always remember the simple rules....
Grab It – Keep plastic poop bags close to the door, or near the lead. One handy tip is to tie a plastic bag around the handle of the dog’s lead so you cannot help but keep one with you at all times. Insert your hand inside the bag and pick up the dog’s poop. It’s not as bad as you might think. Buy opaque bags so you cannot see what’s inside and once it’s inside and you have secured the top it will be odourless.
Bag It – Turn the bag inside out to bag the dog’s mess
Bin It – Dispose in a ‘Poop Bin’ or even a public bin if a dog waste bin is not around. Some dog owners believe this isn’t allowed, but it is.
See our wide range of dog poop bags and dispensers in our online shop and be a responsible dog owner:

Ruffwear Bark n Boots Grip Trex

These boots have been designed by Ruffwear for dogs who love the great outdoors and love being active.  Even if your dog's pads have become hardened from walking, they are at risk of their pads splitting if they are over exposed to rough terrain.  This can be extremely painful for your dog and they may even be unable to continue walking or participating.  The Bark n Boots Grip Trex are the ideal solution as the technical design will ensure that your dog is able to keep up the pace in comfort.  They also have reflective detail increasing visibility of your dog in poor light conditions.  Don't let your canine companion suffer in silence when these boots provide the perfect solution.


Size:   XXS -     Paw Width: 2.0' (51mm)
Size:   XS -        Paw Width: 2.25' (57mm)
Size:   Small -     Paw Width: 2.5' (64mm)
Size:   Medium - Paw Width: 2.75' (70mm)
Size:   Large -     Paw Width: 3.0' (76mm)
Size:   XL -         Paw Width: 3.25' (83mm)  

Features and Benefits of Ruffwear Bark n Boots Grip Trex:

Non-marking Vibram outsole with a new, multi-directional, flexible lug design gives your dog tactile control on terra firma
An adjustable closure strap ensures a customized fit
A one-piece mud-guard enhances the fit and long term durability of the boot
3M reflective details provide low-light visibility from multiple angles
Tightly woven air mesh keeps dirt and debris out while providing superior ventilation
Knew-tec synthetic pigskin interior grip cuff helps keep boot on paw


Ruffwear Bark n Boots Grip Trex                                                   

Ruffwear High Performance Products

Ruffwear produce robust and high quality performance gear for dogs.  Their mission is to build performance products to enhance and inspire outdoor adventures for dogs and their human companions.  Their products are rigorously tested in the environment for which they're suited and won't let you down.

Scot-Petshop stocks a wide variety of Ruffwear Products to suit every need. Please visit our website to view the range.  Here are but a few examples:

Ruffwear Approach Pack Lichen Green Ruffwear Dog Travel Bowl                 

Approach Pack & Quencher

Scot-Petshop also stock a vast range of other outdoor products for dogs. 
Please visit out website to take a look for yourself.

Walker Active Boots Palmero Red Dog Coat 

Walker Active Dog Boots & Palmero Dog Coat

View our full product range at www.scot-petshop.com